We’re efficient, professional, dependable, reasonably-priced, friendly and, above all, trustworthy.

Whether you’re building a new commercial space or simply replacing an overhead door in your garage, D&K Door has you covered! We offer the finest-quality overhead doors and openers for all your industrial and residential needs.

Our business began as three friends doing a basic overhead door install.

We continued to hone our skills as we performed installs for acquaintances. Word quickly spread that we delivered professional work with quality parts for great prices, and just that fast, D&K Door was in business. We are humbled by the phenomenal growth of our company in such a short amount of time, and are thrilled when our customers tell us they truly appreciate our professionalism and quality workmanship.

Our talented crew will work with you every step of the way and help you find the overhead doors and openers that are perfect for your unique situation. We’re just a phone call away!


New or updated garage doors can take your home from meh to magnificent! Because we insist on the best, we carry all major brands and products, featured in so many colors and styles, your house is sure to stand out on the block!


We work with many commercial and industrial businesses in the region, installing the highest-quality overhead doors, specifically tailored to each individual company’s requirements. Again, we carry all major brands and products because, like you, we demand excellence!


We’ll fix any type of door or
opener at any 
time of the
day or night!
Call us when you’re
having problems.


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